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1. "Never Mind the Man Behind the Curtain" ~ What?

I am Thinking About all the Things I Want to Say, and What I Want to Share in this Blog, and it Makes me Think About the Movie The Wizard of Oz. Ironically I have Only Seen it a Few Times in its Entirety, but I Just Keep Thinking of the Part Where Dorothy Enters the Wizards' Room. She is Hoping that Her One Wish to Return Home will be Granted. It is a Sort of Scary Scene....All These Loud Scary Noises and this Big Head and Voice and this Curtain that No-one Pays Attention to Because of all the Other Distractions Going on. Yet this Little Dog Ends up Grabbing, and Pulling a Curtain to Expose the Harmless Truth. The Wizard Tried to Keep all of the Attention on What he Wanted Others to View Him as and Not See the Real Him. We Want You to See our Beautiful Products and What we Stand for 1st, But Also Know Us on a Personal Level and Know How Important Quality and Truth is to us also. We Don't Want Ourselves to be 1st and Foremost, But Definitely Not Hidden Where You Never Really Know Us or Why Our Work is so Important to Us.

So I Will Introduce ourselves I am Jenny and my Husband is Jeff. We Have Been Married for 4 Years and Together for 8 years. We Have Been Making and Refurbishing Things Since Shortly After We Met. We Really Enjoy Doing this Together and Realized Quickly we are Both Perfectionists!

Jeff has Always had a Knack for Working with Tools Either on his Cars or Woodworking. I have Always Been Crafty, but that was Upped a Notch 6 Years Ago when my Husband Bought me a Vinyl Cutter. He has Been Prodding me Since that Day Many Times to start a Business, but I Wasn't Sure I Was Ready. Since that Christmas 6 Years Ago my Crafting has Grown Exponentially and I Have had the Pleasure of Making so Many Personal Items for Friends and Family and their Friends and Families. I Have Definitely been Challenged, However Everything has Always Turned out Great and with Delighted Customers. I Will Let You All be the Judges! I will Keep this Post Short and Sweet, But Please Feel Free to Reach Out... Say Hi, Offer Suggestions for Future Items or Ask a Question. Thank you for Taking the Time to Get to Know Us and Thank you so much for visiting our webpage!!

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